CFA Salary

CFA’s global recognition and presence not only allows you to pursue your career across the globe but also provide you with stable employment and great

The average CFA salary mainly depends on many factors like experience, qualifications, designation/position in the company, size of company, location of
job, economic growth etc.

Candidates who start their job as CFA must have certain prior experience. That is why at what level/designation they join also matters.
So starting CFA salary could be between 4 lacs per annum to 10 lacs per annum, considering the above factors.

You can have a look at the following chart describing the starting cfa salary based on their level.

So If you you manage to get through the CFA levels you will have a very bright future ahead of you.
All the very best!!

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One Response to CFA Salary

  1. Hi Ronojoy Mishra,
    Interesting post on expected pay for certified FA
    This gives me an idea to blog similar content for Charted Accountant.


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