Learn Financial Modeling for Equity Research, Investment Banks, Credit Rating, Financial Analyst, Project Finance

Equity Research Analyst, Investment Banker, Credit Ranking Analyst, Financial Analyst , Business Analyst , Project Finance , Fund Manager are one of the most sought after jobs in the Finance Industry. With increasing number of stocks, IPO, Private Equity, Investments in the Indian Market the need of all these professionals is likely to increase.

The core area of all the above jobs is to do valuation of the companies.

• An investments banker has to do valuation of the company in order to raise the fund for the company.
• An equity analyst has to do valuation in order to suggest investors regarding the return from the investment
• A Credit Ranking Analyst has to do valuation in order to give rating to the company.
• Fund Manager does valuation in order to find opportunity to invest in the companies/stocks.
• In the same way a financial Analyst/Project finance has to do valuation for finding out the project viability of the companies.

To become any of the above professionals a qualification in Finance such as MBA, CFA , CA is required . But most important part is the knowledge of Financial Modeling to do the valuation of the companies.
In Financial Modeling is the skills set that is used in doing valuation for the company/stock/project etc.

In financial modeling you learn :

• To gather historical information on companies and analyze company / industry performance on various financial parameters.

• This analysis is then used to build a companies financial model, which in turn is key to projecting a future financial performance.

• Based on this model companies /Investors can arrive at a suitable valuation for the companies.

Financial modeling is a NSE certified course. For more info on Financial modeling you can log on to NSE Website

If you need any other info you can write to me at ronojoymishra@gmail.com

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