Financial Modeling – A stepping stone to become Equity Analyst

What Equity Analyst does?
The job of an equity analyst is to collect the historical information of a company on an excel sheet, analyze company performance of various parameters. Then build a financial model of a company to forecast it revenues and performance. Based on the forecasting, investor arrives at the value of the company.
With high volatility & changing business models in the market , demand of equity analyst is increasing in the job market.

Job Prospects – Equity Analyst
There are more than 10,000 stocks and ascertaining their value is very crucial for investors to earn returns. It is the job of an equity analyst to do the valuation of stocks for the investors. So there is huge prospect for Equity Analyst in the financial sector.

How to become Equity Analyst?
1. An MBA in Finance with sound knowledge on Financial Modeling
2. A CA/CFA with knowledge on Excel Modeling
3. A graduate with couple of years experience in brokering with fundamental knowledge of Financial Modeling.
4. A Graduate with focused education ( 6 months or 1 year ) in Equity Analysis

Financial Modeling, which is a certified course from NSE, is a key to Equity Research. To know more about Financial Modeling program you can look at NSE Website

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