Calculators allowed in CFA exams

CFA Calculators
I have observed some confusion among the CFA candidates. This is about calculators allowed in CFA exams. So my this post is all about calculators allowed in CFA exams.

During CFA exams, only two models of calculators are allowed to use.

– Texas Instruments BA II Plus (including BA II Plus Professional)
– Hewlett Packard 12C(including the HP 12C Platinum)

The idea behind this strict guidline from CFA Institure about calculator is to keep the fairness and integrity of the exam. Because some calculators have text-storing capabilities.

Some candidates who wish to use Postfix notation entry can use the HP model and other who prefers to use algebraic notaion entry can use the Texas Instrument model.

The calculator will be inspected before starting of the exam. Use or possesion of any other type of calculator can result in termination of the candidate from the exam.

Calculator covers, keystroke cards and additional batteries are allowed in the exam. You also can carry the small screwdriver with you in case you require to chage the batteries of your BA Plus calculator. However the instruction manuals is not allowed in the exmas.

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