Requirements to become CFA

Because of the global recognition of CFA, lots of professionals/students are planning to pursue CFA. However as I have observed there is a little confusion about the requirements to become a CFA. So I shall highlight the requirement to become a CFA.

The basic and first requirement to participate in the CFA examination is to be graduate or in the final year of graduation degree. In order to obtain the CFA charter candidate must complete his graduation degree along with the 4 years of qualified, professional work experience and ofcourse also needs to clear all the three levels of CFA.

Candidates generally take exams for one level per year over three years, assuming that they clear on first attempt. However you can take as much time as needed to complete the program. There is no limit to the number of times, you can take each exam. The curriculum of the program updated every year to address the global need and progress.

Fees for the registration for June 2011 for all three exams range from $630 to $970, depending on the date on which the candidate registers to take the exam, plus an additional $405 to $490 for program enrollment for new members.

Exams are challenging with changing curriculum, with only 42% passing the Level I, 39% passing Level II, and 46% passing Level III exam in June 2010.

There are many institutes at the National and State Level, who help you prepare for these exams.

You can also read my post on How to Prepare for CFA Level 1 here.

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