4 Reasons for a career in Financial Planning

I interact with a lot of students/finance professionals almost on a daily basis, following are the 4 reasons why a career in Financial Planning is geared for the long term.

You become a Problem Solver and also a Coach
As a Financial Planner practitioner, you will help clients discover and solve financial problems and achieve life goals by serving as a personal counselor. As you gain more experience, you can also mentor those entering the profession, helping guide the next generation of Financial Planner practitioners as a coach.

You earn money and status
There is no limit to the amount of income a candidate can make as a Financial Planner practitioner as it will be based on the candidate’s level of experience, areas of specialization and geographic location..

You have tested yourself against the best and met the challenge
While many choose to call themselves ‘Financial Planners’ with little preparation or ability, a professional Financial Planner will have the satisfaction of knowing that he/she has proven himself/herself among the most knowledgeable and capable financial planners in the world.

You can be flexible in your work
The best part about being a Financial Planner is the flexibility with which one can operate. A Financial Planner could either channel his or her expertise from within the offices of financial service organizations or through his or her own enterprise. A combination of the two is a third option that’s available.

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