Skills required for Financial Planning

If you’re planning to become a financial planner, you should have at least hold a bachelor’s degree to begin with. A Post graduate in finance, an MBA is definitely a plus if done from valued schools. You should ideally rate yourself high on the following skills to be a successful planner

People: During your tenure as a Financial Planner, you will be meeting a lot of people, irrespective of working for a company or for yourself. You need to be comfortable meeting and working with people around you. Being an easy going, extrovert will definitely help you

Communication: Most often you will be meeting with HNI (High Net Worth Individuals). It is important to be clear in your communication with them.

Analytical: Your work will involve, reading lot of reports, analysis and numbers. Your love for numbers should reflect during your analysis of a financial instrument or a company performance reports and communicating it to your client in easy understandable language.

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