Job opportunities for Financial Planners

Today there is a distinct shift in the job opportunities that are available for Financial Planners. It is projected that India will require 50000+ CFP’s in the coming years. Financial institutions, Banks etc. are already preferring CFP’s in their folds. There has also been a spurt of entreprenuers in the field of Financial Planning. There are many CFP’s I know, who have set up their own businesses, where they assist their clients with the Financial Planning needs. They are pretty successful and respected in the market.

With the booming Indian economy, a career as a CFP is seen as quite rewarding. As explained in my previoust posts, (about CFP and how to become a CFP) a financial planning expert helps make future financial plans for the company, they handle the liquidity and their inputs are major where there is a plan to acquire another company.

At an entry level, the compensation usually ranges from 18000 p.m to about 35000 p.m depending on your skills, education background and inclination. The higher you climb the corporate ladder, the rewards only increase. Off course like any other profession, one needs to continuously be involved in updating ones knowledge.

If you choose to become an independent Financial Planner, the earning potential is quite similar in the begining like the corporate world, but then the scope is limitless. But then, you can work at your leisure and with clients you love to work with and who value your judgement.

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