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Different levels of CFA

Becoming a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), could be the great achievement for people who are in the field of finance and investment. One needs to cover all the three levels of CFA to become the charter holder. As far as … Continue reading

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Creating wealth

The average Indian is earning money. But is he creating wealth? India is going through its best phase ever and Indians are savouring opportunities and reaping benefits unlike ever before. Every sector is registering steady growth and the average India … Continue reading

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Requirements to become CFA

Because of the global recognition of CFA, lots of professionals/students are planning to pursue CFA. However as I have observed there is a little confusion about the requirements to become a CFA. So I shall highlight the requirement to become … Continue reading

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4 Reasons for a career in Financial Planning

I interact with a lot of students/finance professionals almost on a daily basis, following are the 4 reasons why a career in Financial Planning is geared for the long term. You become a Problem Solver and also a Coach As … Continue reading

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How to prepare for CFA level 1

CFA is a globally recognized and accepted program. It has over 90,000 members in 131 countries. Though not recognized by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) but still very popular in India because of its global recognition. Professional candidate … Continue reading

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Skills required for Financial Planning

If you’re planning to become a financial planner, you should have at least hold a bachelor’s degree to begin with. A Post graduate in finance, an MBA is definitely a plus if done from valued schools. You should ideally rate … Continue reading

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Job opportunities for Financial Planners

Today there is a distinct shift in the job opportunities that are available for Financial Planners. It is projected that India will require 50000+ CFP’s in the coming years. Financial institutions, Banks etc. are already preferring CFP’s in their folds. … Continue reading

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