CFA Salary

CFA’s global recognition and presence not only allows you to pursue your career across the globe but also provide you with stable employment and great

The average CFA salary mainly depends on many factors like experience, qualifications, designation/position in the company, size of company, location of
job, economic growth etc.

Candidates who start their job as CFA must have certain prior experience. That is why at what level/designation they join also matters.
So starting CFA salary could be between 4 lacs per annum to 10 lacs per annum, considering the above factors.

You can have a look at the following chart describing the starting cfa salary based on their level.

So If you you manage to get through the CFA levels you will have a very bright future ahead of you.
All the very best!!

For more information on CFA job prospects, cfa minimum passing score(mps), cfa educational requirements, cfa prepartion, cfa fee and registration and more you can have a look at my earlier blog posts.

CFA Job Prospects
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Requirements to become CFA
How to prepare for CFA level 1
CFA June 2011 registration – Deadlines & Fee

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Learn Financial Modeling for Equity Research, Investment Banks, Credit Rating, Financial Analyst, Project Finance

Equity Research Analyst, Investment Banker, Credit Ranking Analyst, Financial Analyst , Business Analyst , Project Finance , Fund Manager are one of the most sought after jobs in the Finance Industry. With increasing number of stocks, IPO, Private Equity, Investments in the Indian Market the need of all these professionals is likely to increase.

The core area of all the above jobs is to do valuation of the companies.

• An investments banker has to do valuation of the company in order to raise the fund for the company.
• An equity analyst has to do valuation in order to suggest investors regarding the return from the investment
• A Credit Ranking Analyst has to do valuation in order to give rating to the company.
• Fund Manager does valuation in order to find opportunity to invest in the companies/stocks.
• In the same way a financial Analyst/Project finance has to do valuation for finding out the project viability of the companies.

To become any of the above professionals a qualification in Finance such as MBA, CFA , CA is required . But most important part is the knowledge of Financial Modeling to do the valuation of the companies.
In Financial Modeling is the skills set that is used in doing valuation for the company/stock/project etc.

In financial modeling you learn :

• To gather historical information on companies and analyze company / industry performance on various financial parameters.

• This analysis is then used to build a companies financial model, which in turn is key to projecting a future financial performance.

• Based on this model companies /Investors can arrive at a suitable valuation for the companies.

Financial modeling is a NSE certified course. For more info on Financial modeling you can log on to NSE Website

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CFA Job Prospects

It is apparent that finance industry is growing worldwide at a rapid pace. With this pace the CFA job prospect is also growing and there are significant benefits in terms of professional growth and compensation for those who obtain it.

Who hires CFA
Investment industry employers prefers CFA charterholders because they have strong financial knowledge along with practical skill.
Organizations which are investment companies/banks, broker/dealer, insurance companies, companies dealing in hedge funds, pensions or other financial
consultancies, goverment regulators, academia etc. higher CFAs.

Kind of positions CFA holds
Portfolio management, investment research, advisory services, or investment banking, are some of the areas where CFA are required.
The kind of positions that CFA charterholders hold can be shown by the following CFA positions pie chart:

CFA Positions

So if you are planning a career in Finance then CFA can be a very good option by keeping CFA job prospects in mind.

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Financial Modeling – A stepping stone to become Equity Analyst

What Equity Analyst does?
The job of an equity analyst is to collect the historical information of a company on an excel sheet, analyze company performance of various parameters. Then build a financial model of a company to forecast it revenues and performance. Based on the forecasting, investor arrives at the value of the company.
With high volatility & changing business models in the market , demand of equity analyst is increasing in the job market.

Job Prospects – Equity Analyst
There are more than 10,000 stocks and ascertaining their value is very crucial for investors to earn returns. It is the job of an equity analyst to do the valuation of stocks for the investors. So there is huge prospect for Equity Analyst in the financial sector.

How to become Equity Analyst?
1. An MBA in Finance with sound knowledge on Financial Modeling
2. A CA/CFA with knowledge on Excel Modeling
3. A graduate with couple of years experience in brokering with fundamental knowledge of Financial Modeling.
4. A Graduate with focused education ( 6 months or 1 year ) in Equity Analysis

Financial Modeling, which is a certified course from NSE, is a key to Equity Research. To know more about Financial Modeling program you can look at NSE Website

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CFA Registration – Identification & Passport Policy effective 1 January 2011

From next month there would be change in the Identification Policy for CFA registration.
To register for CFA exams, applicant must have a valid international travel passport.
Details like government-issued ID number on passport and the country of issuance must be entered during online exam registration.
On exam day there is need to carry passport, containing the same name, date of birth, government-issued ID number, and country of issuance that you used to register. ID requirements are strictly enforced.

Passport should be:
– An international travel document. Internal passports used as a national ID are not sufficient.
– Current, not expired.
– Contain your name, date of birth, government-issued ID number, and country of issuance exactly as you provided when you registered to take the CFA exam
– Include a recognizable photograph
– It should an original document. Photocopies will not be accepted.

To read more on CFA policies, you can visit CFA Institute website.

For more info on CFA, its preparation, marks required etc you can visit my earlier blogposts.

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CFA June 2011 registration – Deadlines & Fee

One deadline for CFA registration – June 2011 has already been passed. However there are still 2 deadlines are remaining.
The CFA program enrollment fee and exam registration fee increases with each deadline. So its better to register early to save on CFA program enrollment fee and exam registration fee.
The CFA program enrollment fee is applicable for candidates registering for CFA level 1 only. After that candidates need to pay only the exam registration fee for further CFA levels.

Following are the deadlines and fee for CFA registration for June 2011exams:

16 Feb – 1145 USD
16 March – 1480 USD

The fees include program enrollment fees, exam registration fees and print book curriculum shipping charges.

For more info you can visit CFA Institute website.

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Become Financial Analyst, Equity Analyst, Investment bank analyst – Financial Modeling

A financial analyst, equity analyst or investment analyst is a person who performs financial analysis to find the valuation of the companies for external or internal clients as a core part of the job. An analyst on the basis of valuation would provide a rating recommending an investment action, e.g. to buy, sell, or hold the security.

How they work:
The analysts obtain information by studying public records and filings by the company at SEBI, as well as by participating in public conference calls where they can ask direct questions to the management.

Financial/Equity analysts are often employed by equity research house, mutual and pension funds, hedge funds, securities firms, banks, insurance companies, and other businesses, helping these companies or their clients make investment decisions.

To become Equity Analyst/Financial Analyst sound knowledge of accounting, economics, financial modeling, Excel & Financial is required.

How to prepare:
To prepare for the job as equity analyst/financial analyst there are many institutes like Proschool offer Financial Modeling Certificate in tie up with NSE India for Examination Certificate.

Course Content:

a. Basic Subjects: Fundamental of Accountancy, Economics Analysis, Financial Management, Financial Market

b. Excel Proficiency

C. Financial Modeling
• Prepare an Income Statement, Balance sheet, Cash Flow Statement, Geographic Revenue Sheet, Segment Revenue Sheet, Cost Statement, Debt Sheet, Analyze Revenue Drivers
• Forecast Geographic Revenues, Segment Revenues, Geographic Revenues, Cost Statement, Debt, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement.
• Performa Adjustments, Income Statement – Compute Margins, Balance Sheet -Compute Ratios
• Cash Flow Statement Projection, Valuation- Discounted Cash Flow Method (DCF), Valuation – Relative Valuation
• Valuation – Assumptions for Valuation Model, Prepare Valuation Model, Prepare Presentation Sheet, Prepare Company Overview , Sector Overview

D. Report Writing

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